Audiovisual heritage and digital universe

26 April 2007

The seventh Joint Technical Symposium (JTS) to examine issues affecting the audiovisual archival profession will be held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada from 28 to 30 June 2007.

The three day event will examine different aspects of the theme "Audiovisual Heritage and the Digital Universe" through topics such as: mass migration of av collections; new tools for film sound restoration; preserving digital public television; video archiving and digitization; new tools for content assessment and migration; designing digital repositories for av collections; selection criteria for analogue and digital content in addition to other topics to be announced soon.

The Joint Technical Symposium (JTS) is the international meeting for organizations and individuals involved in the preservation and restoration of original image and sound materials. Each of the preceding conferences developed themes relating to developed and preservation from the viewpoints of the major types of collections: film, television and sound.

JTS 2007 is also an opportunity to follow-up on some of the issues and ideas, raised in the previous symposium, that may require further development.

UNESCO has provided a grant to encourage the participation of archivists from Least Developed Countries, Africa and small island states. Details and application forms along with information on the preliminary JTS 2007 programme, registration and accommodation can be found on JTS website.

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