Exhibition of works by Kazakh painter Erbolat Toulepbai

30 March 2005

Exhibition of paintings by the Kazakh artist Erbolat Toulepbai took place in Miro Hall in UNESCO HQ, Paris 7 -16 March 2005. The exhibition sponsored by Russian-speaking Group of General Conference of UNESCO and the Permanent Delegation of Kazakhstan to UNESCO. People, their spiritual quest, their concerns about change in a modern society in transition are at the heart of the work of Erbolat Toulepbai, imbued with innovative, avant-garde spirit.

Mr. Toulepbai has won many national and international awards for his work, including The National Grand Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2004), the Medal of the Russian Academy of Arts (2001), the Golden Medal of the Salvador Dali International Alliance (2001) and awards from several European competitions.

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