Handicraft products which received the 2004 UNESCO/CACSA Seal of Excellence (SEAL) were announced during the Crafts Fair in Almaty, Kazakhstan

19 November 2004

An international panel of judges certified 19 handicraft products with the SEAL. The SEAL products displayed together from 19 - 21 November 2004 during the Crafts Fair in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The SEAL of Excellence for Handicraft Products in Central Asia 2004 was jointly established by UNESCO and CACSA in order to establish quality standards and to enhance regional and international awareness of traditional and innovative handicrafts.

105 entries under six categories from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan were received for participation in the project. The jury meeting was held from 25-26 of October 2004 in the club-hotel "Royal Beach", Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan.

Only outstanding handicraft products which meet rigorous production, quality and design criteria are certified with the SEAL.

Judging of handicraft products based on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated excellence and standard-setting quality in craftsmanship
  • Creative and successful alliance of traditional skills and innovation in material, form or design
  • Expression of cultural identity and traditional aesthetic value
  • Respect for the environment in materials and production techniques
  • Marketability of the craft products with potential for the world market

In category 'Textiles' the SEAL of Excellence was awarded to the following ten products:

1.Shyrdak wall hanging (Asahi) - Kyrgyzstan

2.Suzani (Asahi) - Kyrgyzstan

3.Kurak patchwork set (Kyrgyz Heritage) - Kyrgyzstan

4.Sayma embroidered felt cushions (Kenesh) - Kyrgyzstan

5.Ala-Kyz felt cushions (Design studio "Bukon") - Kyrgyzstan

6.Ala-Kyz felt carpets and cushions (Asanalieva Baktygul) -- Kyrgyzstan

7."Lotto" silk carpet (Carpet Weaving Training Center, Kenjaev Fatullo) -Uzbekistan

8.Bukhara suzani (Kenjaeva Zarina) - Uzbekistan

9.Karakalpak embroidered handbag and accessories (Embergenova Gulnara) - Uzbekistan

10.Asmalyk decorative wall hanging (Orazmuradova Maya) – Turkmenistan

In category 'Toys' the following four products were awarded the SEAL:

1."Cholpon” doll {Voloshina Natalya) - Kyrgyzstan

2."People of Central Asia" dolls (Djumagulova Erke) - Kyrgyzstan

3.Felt ornaments (Djumalieva Guliuira) ~ Kyrgyzstan

4.Felt bird mobiles (Asanakunova Kalipa) - Kyrgyzstan

In category 'Ceramics' one awarded the SEAL:

1.Faizabad folk pottery (“Khavt-Paykar”) – Tadjikistan

In category 'Wood, Leather, Bone, Stone' two awarded the SEAL:

1.Painted chess set (Khaetov Radjab) – Uzbekistan

2.Painted chess set (Khamraev Muhammadam) – Uzbekistan

In category 'Metal' two awarded the SEAL:

1.“Umai” silver jewelry (Bashirov Serjan) – Kazakhstan

2.Bird scissors (Kamalov Zokhir) – Uzbekistan

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