Safeguarding of ICH in Kyrgyzstan

29 November 2012

Five days training workshop was organized in Bishkek by the UNESCO Almaty Cluster Office in cooperation with the National Commission of the Kyrgyz Republic for UNESCO, under the financial support of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The training, conducted from 8 to 12 October 2012, was the first one in the series of trainings to be held in Kyrgyzstan under the extra-budgetary project “Strengthening national capacities for effective safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage in Central Asia”.

The training aimed to help participants gain a broad understanding of the Convention’s principles and concepts and relate it to their own context. The training emphasized the need to enhance the role of the government, NGOs, communities and media directly in the identification, inventory and preservation of ICH. By the end of the training the participants elaborated the list of common activities and ideas, including inventories.

The training was opened by Mr Kudaibergen Bazarbaev, the Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism of Kyrgyzstan and closed by Mr. Sultan Raev, the Chairperson of the National Commission of Kyrgyzstan for UNESCO and the special advisor to the President. The Kyrgyz authorities are paying great attention to the ratified Convention especially as Kyrgyzstan became member of its Intergovernmental Committee in June 2012. The national mechanism of implementation of the Convention was reinforced by adopting of the special law on safeguarding of ICH in July 2012.
The participants represented the National Commission of Kyrgyzstan for UNESCO, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, including all special representative to the regions, National Academy of Sciences, educational institutions, museums, various foundations and NGO, as well as the practitioners. Participants listened to the performance of young Manaschi and musicians trained by NGO Aigine. Particular attention was given to interaction of representatives of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in the regions and NGO’s working in the field of ICH.

In 2013 the UNESCO Cluster Office in Almaty plans to conduct other trainings on safeguarding of the intangible cultural heritage in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

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