Submitting Projects to IPDC in 2006

1 July 2006

UNESCO’s International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC) is a media development programme, which provides support to media development projects in developing countries and the countries in transition.
IPDC is carrying out its mandate through full or partial funding of a number of projects that are assessed and approved annually by the Bureau of the IPDC Intergovernmental Council.

The priority is given to the projects promoting press freedom and media pluralism, development of community media, enhancing professional capacity, and building partnerships for media development.


The project proposals shall be developed together with the UNESCO Advisers for Communication and Information (ACI) concerned, who will check if the projects are in line with the presentation requirements and the IPDC priorities.
The ACIs will assist the project proponents to develop their projects after having assessed the viability of the proposals and credentials of the proponents.
If necessary, they will seek the view of the National Commissions for UNESCO concerned about the viability of the public sector media projects and the view of professional media organizations recognized by UNESCO on the viability of the private sector media projects.

  • All project proposals must be submitted using the specific IPDC project form (available from or through the UNESCO office in Almaty, pl see below ).
  • The proposals shall address adequately and succinctly all those issues that are listed in the form.
  • The final proposal should not be longer than 5 pages, however, any background information beyond those 4-5 pages will be useful to asses the proposal and the budget.
  • The equipment component should be reduced to a reasonable minimum with a justifiable budget.
  • A proposal will not be considered by the IPDC unless it has a clear impact on one or several of the IPDC priorities involved.
  • Community radio project proposals, before they will be considered by the IPDC, must have a broadcasting license, or another documentary proof showing that the competent licensing authority is ready to issue the license.
  • IPDC will not consider projects by private entities if they are competing with other similar entities for the same target readership/audience/ viewers ; however, joint ventures and ventures targeting under-served areas and communities are encouraged.

The deadlines for the preparation of projects for the 2007 meeting of the IPDC Bureau are as follows:

31 July 2006 is the closing date for submitting project proposals to the UNESCO Advisers for Communication and Information (ACIs)/CI professionals based in respective UNESCO field offices.

15 September 2006 is the closing date for submitting final project proposals to the IPDC Secretariat by the UNESCO Advisers for Communication and Information.

Kindly note that project proposals should be submitted only through the UNESCO Advisers for Communication and Information/CI professionals based in UNESCO Field Offices, who shall ensure the presentation standards and the relevance of the proposals to the IPDC priorities.

The decisions on the project funding will be taken by the 50th meeting of the IPDC Bureau on 27 February 2007.

For more details please visit, or contact :

Mr Sergey Karpov, CI Office, UNESCO Office in Almaty (s.karpov at unesco dot org)

cc: Ms Tarja Virtanen, Head of UNESCO Almaty Cluster Office
(t.virtanen at unesco dot org).

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