Training: Sharing best practices in information access through library networks Kazakhstan

22 June 2004

Two-day training in creation and strenthening of information centers at school libraries of Kazakhstan's South regions. The goal: To enhance the capacities of existing Librarian Scientific and Pedagogical networks and expand them to rural area in order to function as gateways to information access. Almaty. Dates: 22-23 June, 2004. Participants: 14 main library book-funds specialists from rural libraries from most disatvantaged oblasts: South-Kazakhstan, Zhambyl, Kzyl-Orda, Almaty oblasts and 10 representatives of the urban scientific and pedagogical librarian networks will share best practices and exchange knowledge in the field of facilitating access to information.

The agenda includes the following presentations:
  • Introduction of the UNESCO System, CI sector, Programme Information for All and World Summit on Information Society
  • Rural School Information Netowrks in the Information Society. Ms. Aiman Nasyrova, Director of the Republican Scientific and Pedagogical Library of Kazakhstan;
  • Virtual Library. Ms. Anar Amanova and Ms. Svetlana Ratmanova, Phd.
  • Others
The trainings also includes practical exercises
  • Automation of librarian processes;
  • Creation of inventory and subscribtion;
  • Creation of booklists of from e-catalogues

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