UNESCO Activities in Kyrgyzstan

The UNESCO Almaty Office works in Kyrgyzstan through and in cooperation with the National Commission for UNESCO and partner networks in its fields of competence. Read more

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22 November 2005 International Scientific and Theoretical Roundtable "The Problems of Artistic Heritage Restoration in Central Asia"
7 November 2005 Conference on Preservation and Use of Cultural and Mixed Heritage of Modern Central Asia
28 October 2005 E-Campus - KazRENA International Conference on Distance Learning, Almaty, 28-29 October 2005
17 October 2005 Sub-Regional Workshop for the Follow-up on the 2003 World Heritage Periodic Reporting Exercise for the Central Asia Region
6 October 2005 Prospects for renewable energy in Central Asia
19 September 2005 The Central Asian meeting of the main partners of Education Unit
1 September 2005 UNESCO/OSCE/Inform Culture Training on The Production of Impartial, Balanced and Unbiased Information Guidelines for the Editors and Reporters” Project Final Report, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
18 August 2005 Central Asian Museum Management Training “Museum in a Changing World”
26 July 2005 Sub-regional youth conference
21 July 2005 The Central Asian sub-regional conference on Education For Sustainable Development
18 July 2005 Call for proposals to 49th meeting of the Bureau of the International Programme of the Development Communications (IPDC)
6 June 2005 Fourth Central Asian Education Forum: Joint effort to improve education in Central Asia, 6-8 June 2005, Dushanbe
24 May 2005 Festival on Cultural Diversity and Dialogue in Central Asia, 24 May-1 June 2005
3 May 2005 Sub-Regional Training UNESCO/Kazak National Library: Promoting free access to information and freedom of expression in libraries and archives 3-4 May 2005, Almaty, Kazakhstan
14 February 2005 Communication and Information Unit Strategic Programme 2005 Overall Presentation